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My Journey 

Working on a painting project while studing Fine Arts in my Masters
sahra 1.jpg

In the realm of design, my story unfolds like a canvas, painted with diverse experiences and passions. It all began in high school, where I first discovered my love for Graphic Design. From there, I pursued my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, followed by a Master's in Fine Art, exploring the depths of creativity.

My Students art Exhibition 2018

Alongside my academic pursuits, I embarked on a journey as an educator, teaching art while working as a visual designer in a gallery and later as a Marketing Art Director at a newspaper. When life led me to Canada, I embraced the role of Graphic Designer.

Late night Working on a freelance marketing project 
Sahra 2.jpg

However, the onset of COVID-19 prompted a shift in focus. I saw an opportunity to expand my expertise in web design, which ultimately led me to discover my passion for UX/UI design. With my artistic background and digital proficiency, I found my niche in crafting intuitive and visually compelling digital experiences.  Now, as a UX/UI designer, I'm driven by a thirst for innovation and a commitment to continuous learning. Each day presents new challenges in the fast-paced tech world, and I eagerly embrace them, eager to evolve and make my mark in the dynamic field of UX design.


If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for reaching out!

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